Pavilion Style Marquees

The Pavilion Style Marquee is set up using poles and connectors. Each Pavilion consists of 2 zip doors, front and back, and window panels (approx. 2m wide per panel). Marquee roof and walls are water-resistant.
Depending on size, the shelter takes approximately 1-3 hours to set up, and about 1-2 hour to pack up. All marquee shelters are weighted down with weight pods, and anchored down with ropes. We may also use pegs if your shelter is set up on grass.
Peak Height: Approx 3 metres in the centre (starts from 2 metres on the two sides)
Sizes available: 3mX6m, 4mX6m, 4mX8m, 6mX6m, 5mX10m, 6mX12m and many more..


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